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Bluebells in Rough Hill Wood
Bluebells in Rough Hill Wood


“All round activity excellent. The day after, I feel so much better physically and mentally.”

Participant, Wasperton

River Dragon Tai Chi Autumn classes

Updated: 1 November 2017

Join a class now in Leamington or Kineton! See below for details.


Autumn is definitely here, and it’s time to think about keeping happy and healthy throughout the coming autumn and winter.

As the scientific evidence piles up for tai chi’s health benefits, more and more people are discovering it for themselves.

Not only does it help with both physical and mental health (it’s great for de-stressing, and is beginning to be prescribed for anxiety and depression), but it’s also really enjoyable and effective. What more could we ask?

Tai chi’s peaceful strength builds us up physically and mentally to take on the challenges of the weather, the wider social changes and our own personal daily roller-coasters. With its help we can stay (mostly) calm and centred, physically well, and comfortably alert to the possibilities of life – for good and bad.

I hope you’ll join me at a class or workshop this autumn, in person or online, and that tai chi will help you have a wonderfully satisfying and fulfilling end to your year! (Please pass on the invitation to your friends and acquaintances too.)

I’m really looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones – if you’ve been wondering about trying tai chi, come to these friendly, accessible courses, and see how well it suits you!


Classes are running now in Leamington on Tuesday mornings, and Kineton on Thursday mornings at 11.30. (Sword Tai Chi continues on Wednesday evenings at 6pm – give me a ring if you’re interested in joining us.)


Tuesdays, 10.30 at the Dormer Centre, 38 Dormer Place, Leamington, CV32 5AA

This class is perfect if you are new to tai chi, or just want a calm oasis in the day.

This tai chi is highly relaxing and calming – very helpful if you want an antidote to the stress in your life, or would simply like a gentle introduction to the wonderful art of tai chi!

The form is short and easily-learned, but gives access to real tai chi energy.

Whatever your mobility, if you can get to this class, you are very welcome to join us. You can do your tai chi seated, standing, or a mix of the two.

You will find this class helpful if you have or are recovering from a serious health condition or illness. It will help rebalance and strengthen you as you build up your stamina and zest for life again. And it’s a wonderfully peaceful experience too, a great stress-reliever.

Do come and join us! You can sign up at any class, or ring me for a chat and more info first – contact details below.

Individual sessions are £7 or £4 for people on benefit.

Chinese tea is served throughout and you are welcome to drop in and help yourself to tea at any time.



11.30 Thursdays at the Methodist Church Hall, Southam Street, Kineton, CV35 0LL.

Hour for hour, tai chi is probably the most effective exercise to improve health and well-being. The gentle flowing movements contain inner power that strengthens the body, improves mental balance and brings better health and harmony to your life.

This tai chi short form, specially designed by the world-famous Tai Chi Master and medical doctor, Dr Paul Lam, will:

  • help you develop better balance
  • show you how to prevent falls
  • improve your circulation and breathing
  • and help build up your energy.

This class is suitable for all, including people with mobility and other physical difficulties. This form can be done seated or standing or as a mix.

Join us afterwards for a cup of green tea, tea or coffee!

Classes are £7  (£4 benefit/low-income)

For more information, references to research articles on tai chi and its impact on health, or to talk about the suitability of tai chi for you or a friend:

Ring me on 07786 242949 or 01926 641075.


Personal tuition and bespoke small group classes

I also offer individual tuition, which includes plenty of tips on breathing and de-stressing, as well as posture and body alignment. If you can’t make the classes, I am happy to organise small group sessions for 2 or more to fit your schedule.

Class members are also welcome to book one-off sessions to deepen their own practice, check alignments and movements in more detail, and discuss their next steps.

You can download my information leaflet here.

For more information and to book, email me, Anne, or ring 07786 242949 or 01926 641075.


“Tai chi is a very gentle exercise yet is remarkably energising and fun!”

Alex, Kineton

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