Stress, depression and anxiety

Stress, depression and anxiety can be some of the most painful feelings we ever experience.

When you’re depressed, it can be hard to drag yourself through days that seem unending and hopeless. If you’re anxious, you may be exhausted, trying to stay calm, always fearing that you might lose control. When you’re stressed, the future may tower up like a great wave – more demands, more impossibilities, the unending struggle to cope, and a growing longing for it all to just stop.

As you look around, other people seem to be coping. It is so tempting to conclude that you are the problem – you are lacking, inadequate, even broken. At these times, it’s very easy to turn on yourself, blaming yourself for everything, flaying yourself with cruel thoughts.

You can become increasingly paralysed – caught between a barely bearable present and an uncertain future.

But there is hope.

Sometimes people feel that so much damage has been done that there’s no way back…

But nothing is ever broken beyond all hope of healing.

With help, you can change your mind in the direction of life. You can find hope, comfort and ease.

These tough times have inestimable gifts to offer. When you live through these times and come out the other side, you know yourself differently. You can trust yourself in a new way.

These experiences of stress, depression or anxiety can be the price for becoming a bigger person, of finding a depth and resourcefulness in yourself that you never knew you had.

Step by step you can climb into the light again.

I’ll help you:

First, you’ll explore The World Inside – learning to understand yourself and the processes you are going through, you are no longer at their mercy. You start to have true choices.

Befriending Your Natural Self – you’ll replace the internal scolding, nagging and name-calling with kindness, patience and love. Life gets easier.

Using your Pivot Points – you’ll go deep to find those special places where small shifts mean large changes.  Change comes faster.

Joining Yourself Up – as the darkness lifts, you put it all together, becoming your solid, real self. Now life can carry you forward again.

Stepping Out into your Life – and now at last you are free to be your true self. Instead of fear, you have found trust – in your life and in your self. Time to step out. Time to flourish.

People come to me wanting to be free of their stress, anxiety or depression. But when we look deeper, we often find that the problem is part of a bigger pattern in their life, and that things haven’t been right for a long time. So what I do is teach them how to work with these deeper patterns, and how they can learn to trust themselves again – mind, body and heart working together. And this gives them that wonderful confidence of being in control of your own life, being able to step out into a bigger richer world, full of promise, and make it yours.

Start now to make the changes you’ve been longing for. Ring me today on 07786 242949.

We’ll talk. I’ll help.