“My coaching with Anne was time extremely well spent. I not only had some challenging  decisions to make regarding my career, I also decided to tackle some fears I had been harbouring. Through our coaching sessions, I established what was important regarding my career and relationships to make the decisions I needed to. Additionally, I prepared myself to fulfil a lifetime dream of getting up on stage and being a lead singer in a band!! So, I am really pleased with the achievements and growth I gained during our time together.

“Anne’s manner is very supportive, but she doesn’t let you get away with things. I found her extremely intuitive in targeting on the real issue.
I would recommend Anne to anyone who needs to address issues in their life or wants to fulfil dreams or generally gain clarity on what is important to them.

Tracey, Brisbane, Australia

“I was feeling very miserable about my life. Your coaching has made a real difference to me.”

Caroline, London, UK

“Dear Anne,
I just wanted to let you know how much easier life sits with me these days, eight sessions on from when we first talked. My sessions with you have been so comfortable and enjoyable, but in each one I feel I’ve either made a discovery about myself, or learned something significant that I could take out into my life, or sown the seeds of a big positive change that would materialise at some point further down the road. What amazes me is how effortless it’s been to make such huge strides in confidence and happiness.
Problems I thought I couldn’t address without major upheaval and stress have become manageable instantly as you’ve enabled me to understand them in a different way. You’re very easy to talk to, sensitive to when I have things I want to say, and when I’m in need of a technique to help me explore an issue that concerns me. I know I can talk freely and trust you to listen in an entirely non-judgmental way. Anyone meeting you will realise in a very short time indeed that you see people in their best possible light, and are quick to notice and point out a person’s good qualities, which makes you lovely to be around. I always feel good about myself after our sessions, even when there haven’t been immediately obvious solutions to some of the things we’ve discussed, and this positive frame of mind seems to allow the thoughts to permeate and order themselves.
I’m fascinated and excited by the possibilities that are opening out in front of me through your coaching, and I look forward each week to our meetings… every time there is something fresh to discover. Our times together are rewarding in themselves, not just as a means to an end. Thank you so much for making my personal development such a pleasure.”

Louise, Oxford, UK

“The main thing I appreciated about you in our sessions was that you did not offer judgements on me – I felt that you were “on my side” without “taking sides”. You listened and gave me things to think about, and although you brought me back to a general course that you probably wanted or felt would be constructive, the structure of our conversations was flexible allowing me to talk through things as they arose. To sum up, our discussions felt like conversation with purpose, rather than step by step analysis followed by advice. You were no doubt analysing and advising, but it didn’t exactly feel that way, which I liked. Other people may prefer a different approach, but I’m sure you adjust your approach to suit.”

Bob, Brisbane, Australia

“Anne is very encouraging in her coaching and focuses on exploring the processes that work for you.  She is sensitive and considerate in her approach and her gentle style quickly builds and trusting space from which to move forward.”

Sonia, London, UK

“Anne has been a great match for me and very effective as a coach. She is a patient listener who enters the conversation with significant observations and meaningful questions.”

Bret, Canada

“This is so powerful, We’ve tackled some difficult areas that I’d been really anxious about. I’m glad we did. You are a wonderful coach!”

Julie, Abergavenny, Wales, UK


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