Testimonials – tai chi

“All round activity excellent. The day after, I feel so much better physically and mentally.”

“This was suggested by someone already attending the classes for relaxation and help with sleep problems. I have found it most enjoyable, and helpful for relaxing with a challenge for mind and body.”

“I first came to support a friend, but now I thoroughly enjoy it and my balance has improved.”

“I was hoping tai chi would help with relaxation and gentle exercise as I have arthritic joints. I have found it extremely relaxing and it has helped me to sleep better too. Thank you.”

“Anne is a wonderful teacher of tai chi.”

“Tai chi is a very gentle exercise yet is remarkably energising and fun!”

“I really like the relaxation and energy tai chi gives me.”

“I enjoy the feeling of energy generated from the class activity.”

I have had arthritis for some years, and tai chi has helped my balance considerably.”

“Anne makes complicated movements easy to follow!”

“You observe very closely and give really useful feedback on what I’m doing.”




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