Simple drug-free pain relief for chronic conditions


There is a way to get the pain relief you need without drugs


Having long-term pain with little hope of improvement can be a truly horrible experience

It’s not just the pain itself. It’s the effects it has on you, your relationships and your entire life.

Constant or recurring pain is so tiring – it can feel that you’re slowly being ground down, that you’re exhausted day and night.  And those nights can be so long, as you toss and turn sleeplessly, trying to find a position that will let you rest.

Meanwhile, during the day, you hate to go on about it to the people you love. You might worry that you’re more boring than you used to be, less fun to be with. But sometimes the pain is all you can think about.

Worse, because the pain is invisible to anyone but you, people are sometimes thoughtless and rude, telling you things like, “Cheer up!” “Think of something else!” as if it were that simple.

Some people are even incredibly unkind, they don’t believe in the pain you’re feeling and they tell you so!

For you, life can be very lonely and isolated. It can feel as though your body has turned on you – you can’t trust it anymore. And that’s a frightening feeling.

Looking into the future, you can only see more of the same stretching away into the distance. It can all feel hopeless.


But things can be very different…

Pain relief without drugs is possible. With hypnosis, you can learn to control your experience of pain for yourself, lessening or ending your dependence on pain-killers and their negative side-effects.

And there’s a wonderful side effect of using hypnosis:  this method of pain relief means really getting to know and understand the way your body and mind work together. This puts you back into control – you can trust and enjoy your body again.


For centuries, hypnosis has been used to relieve pain of all kinds.

However, it was a slow process that few could do. With the arrival of painkilling drugs, hypnosis was almost forgotten.

Now, modern effective methods have made hypnosis the obvious choice for simple drug-free control of pain.


How does hypnosis work to control pain?

Hypnosis is a natural state.

Every time you get carried away by a great film or an engrossing book, you’re in a state of mild trance or hypnosis. You’re focused on one thing and the rest of the world fades away. In fact, many of us do our best work like this. Time goes quickly and enjoyably. We ‘wake up’ to find we’ve hardly noticed anything around us for hours.

Pain control hypnosis is this same state, but made much deeper and more powerful. I’ll show you how you can focus more intensely, but without effort. Together we’ll make the changes you want.

In hypnosis, you have much more control over your mind and body – it’s the perfect state to reduce the pain, relax your muscles, your nerves and your mind. You’ll find the right ways to stay comfortable in your body and positive in your thinking.

I will guide you through the process – I’ll help you relax, find the right states, and make lasting changes.

And once your pain is under control, you can learn more self-hypnosis if you wish. It’s a wonderful way of taking control over other aspects of your life…


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Tell me about your condition and how it feels and I’ll tell you whether I can help. I’ll answer your questions, and explain exactly how it all works.

Your pain control sessions:

We’ll start by taking a detailed account of your pain, its history and how it affects you.

Pain control hypnosis is very powerful. To ensure that we only switch off unnecessary pain, you’ll need a referral letter from your doctor – this is easy to arrange. (And I can handle the paperwork for you if you prefer.)

The hypnosis itself is simple and very relaxing. All you’ll need to do is sit back, listen, and let it happen. Most people find it an interesting and highly enjoyable experience.

You do have work to do, however. Pain is a signal that something is wrong, and you may need to make adjustments in your life. If you have arthritis, for example, being pain-free doesn’t mean that you can over-use your joints. It’s very important that you respect what your body is telling you!

3 sessions are generally enough for you to learn how to go into the right hypnotic state and for us to make the changes you’re looking for. (Sometimes it takes longer, and for some people, it all happens  faster.)

To complete our work, you’ll take away a relaxation CD that I will record specifically for you. Use it regularly to de-stress and relax, and to remind yourself just how powerful your mind really is.


Frequently asked questions:


Does hypnosis really work for pain?

Yes, definitely.

Research shows that hypnosis is often far more effective than drugs in reducing and even eliminating pain. In fact, brain studies are now showing that hypnosis directly affects the ‘pain centres’ of the brain for the better.

I don’t want to be ‘out of control’

You are in complete control throughout the process, which is relaxing and refreshing. Most people enjoy hypnosis enormously.

Are there side-effects?

Yes, and they’re all good!

Medical researchers were surprised to discover that patients using pain relief hypnosis often get extra benefits: more relaxation, more energy and better sleep. Patients reported that their overall quality of life was markedly better after hypnosis.

How long does it take?

You’ll start to feel the difference during the very first session. And our pain control work will probably be complete within 3 sessions. These are usually spaced a week or so apart to give your body time to adjust. The first session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, and the subsequent sessions will take 50 – 60 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Chronic pain is a billion-dollar problem across the developed world. In the UK alone, pain costs us hundreds of millions of pounds in treatment costs, over the counter remedies and lost work time. Pain has its human costs, too, in limiting your life and your opportunities.

I want to make this life-changing service available to as many people as possible, so I charge only £150 for pain control work, which includes 3 sessions and your personalised CD. Alternatively, you can choose to pay by the session at £65/session.

“I don’t live near either of your practices. Can we work by phone?”

Yes, phone and Skype turn out to be very effective ways of working together. Just ask for more information.


RING NOW for a friendly, free consultation on                          01926 641075                                                                                                         or 07786 242949

Tell me about your condition and how it feels and I’ll tell you whether I can help. I’ll answer your questions, and explain exactly how it all works.




Anne Waldon offers pain control hypnosis in Manchester and in South Warwickshire.

I am a highly experienced Health & Well-being coach. I specialise in helping people free themselves from the pain, depression and blocks that prevent them from flourishing and fully living their lives. I am a Master NLP Practitioner, Energetic NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I also teach the Tai Chi for Health programmes by Dr Paul Lam.